CV Review

Ideally, you should target your CV to each individual job. For this reason, we do not generally offer a CV writing service, but instead a CV Review. If however pressure of work makes preparing your own CV impossible within a sensible timescale, contact us for assistance and for an individual quotation.

We offer to review and edit your CV, to avoid the natural difficulty of proof reading something that you are seeing for the 17th time. We apply a 6 point test:

  1. 30 second impression (more than most CV’s receive)
  2. Check understandability
  3. Check grammar
  4. Check spelling
  5. Check layout
  6. Check for Red Flags (the things that will move your CV to the reject pile)

We then send you any comments or queries, so that you can produce a final draft.

The price of the CV Review? £57.50. Send us your draft CV, and a cheque and we will do the rest.