New Graduates


The step from study to working life is not easy, particularly if you do not have a clear career direction. We can help you work through your values and motivation, talents and education, aims and aspirations, to find a suitable target. We can also support you through job hunting and interview preparation.


How well you are able to fit in with the world of work affects how attractive you are to employers. This is not only a question of your abilities, but also attitude and character.

The Carrus assessment measures the qualities clearly associated with performance, wellbeing and rapid transitions into new roles. This helps individuals understand the qualities they need to develop and demonstrate – and which will help future proof their careers.

Carrus comes with a development report and additionally a 16 page career management guide.

Carrus can form part if a coaching package (at additional cost), or we have specific Carrus related packages including a debrief and different amounts of coaching. Details can be found on our Fees page.