Word of The Day

Somebody has designated today Word Nerd Day. To celebrate, here’s a tweet from Susie Dent

“….here’s a reminder of the word ‘ultracrepidarian’: one who consistently offers opinions and advice on subjects way beyond their understanding.” (Susie Dent tweet 24 Apr 20)

There’s a lot of it about!

Brummies Networking’s Job Initiative

Brumpod Episode 32 graphic - Brummies Jobs Exchange

So many people we know through Brummies Networking find themselves looking for a job, particularly those in hospitality. But we also see companies advertising jobs on LinkedIn.

We came up with Brummies Jobs Exchange to give a platform to allow people to match up if appropriate. And if you see a candidate or job that might suit someone you know, pass it on.

For further details listen to Brumpod Episode 32 Рon your favourite platform, or here  on Anchor