A Good Time to Update Your CV

During lockdown there are many still working and rushed off their feet. Others are working at home reasonably normally, but millions have been furloughed.

Take the time at the very least to update your CV to reflect what you have achieved recently. It is also worth taking a step back to consider what story it  tells, and what impression you want to give.

You never know when you might need it, particularly in the present climate.

Let’s Hear it for Temps

Last week I was in a room with half a dozen people about to start temporary work. (The reason will become obvious over the next few posts).

What struck me was that they included a long term temp (3 years with one company) and two airline cabin crew. Despite all the news about coronavirus and its effects on jobs, I have seen very little about its effects on temps and seasonal workers. Yet they are not being furloughed but dismissed or not taken on at all. And seasonal workers may lose the entire season before there is some semblance of normality. That can mean a career gone.

Work Life Balance – it sounds good, but what is it and how do you get it?

Work – life balance is the dynamic interaction between ‘work’ and ‘life’.  ‘Work’ is those tasks you must do to keep your life functioning – paid or unpaid, inside or outside of the home. And ‘life’ is those things you do for your own personal fulfillment – the things you really enjoy and want to do.
‘Balance’ is the ideal blend of those two areas, difficult though it may be to achieve it..

To move toward life balance, become aware of how you are spending your time. Notice where you are satisfied, where you may be  out of balance and those areas you would like to change.

Next create your own vision of a balanced day.  What will this look like, from the time you wake up until the time you sleep? How will you feel?

Identify the obstacles that interfere with your quest for balance such as your own thoughts, words and actions. Also look at other obstacles such as other people’s opinions, schedules and actions.

And finally, take some ‘action’.   Awareness, desire and identifying your obstacles are important, but to move toward balance, you need to take action.

Work-life balance is not a destination. It is a dynamic state of awareness and choices. Try these simple tips to help move you toward the life you desire.

Five Tips to Manage Your Career over the Holiday

The Christmas holiday gives time for managing your career to most people. Here are 5 quick tips for how to approach this.

  1. Update your CV. Have it ready to use if the perfect job comes up, or there is an emergency. Add in you achievement and experience for 2019 – it is easy to forget hat you have done.
  2. Think about your happiness with you job and your boss.
  3. If you boss is the problem, are there reasons for them acting that way? Can these be addressed?
  4. What is the next step in your career? How can you get closer by adding to you experience and skills?
  5. Even if your employer does not provide training, look at what is available online for free or at a low cost. Some is of limited quality, some is excellent – some is university level.

It is up to you to manage your career, so take advantage of the extra time. If we can help, see the Christmas opening hours on the homepage