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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”
Steve Jobs, Late CEO, Apple

Why Career Coaching? Many people with established careers want to choose an alternative path. Others are concerned about what they might to if redundancy strikes. New graduates have to start a career when there is more uncertainty over jobs than for some years. Coaching enables you to explore alternatives, to come to your own conclusions and to take action on your decisions. Unlike career advice, it will not tell you ‘This is the job for you’ (many people remember their school careers adviser). At the core of our offering is a systematic methodology that starts with your values rather than with the exams you passed.

We offer bespoke career coaching to individuals, together with the following packages:

For those with a work history:

VIP Day: A concentrated coaching day exclusive to you: more information here Career VIP Days 

Career Bootcamp: Group coaching over one or two weeks .

Career Elite: individual coaching telephone or face to face, with email support.

Personality tests: our tests include the Prevue and Prevue for Careers personality tests.

Skills coaching: coaching to enhance personal skills.

First90: helping you to hit the ground running – see Transitions.

Career Management: keeping you on track for the destination you want

Taster Session: a short 30 minute sample of career coaching (phone, Skype or equivalent)

Career coaching can take you through a 10 step process to find your Authentic Vocation, or help you prepare for interview, plan you job search, find unadvertised jobs and write an effective CV.

New graduates have not had the opportunity to sample a career, so need a more tailored service. This may include the Prevue for Careers test, which matches personality to types of job. We offer services to recent graduates at a reduced rate.

Impending retirement is also an area where coaching can help you explore your aims, whether this is putting your feet up or moving into “pro-tirement” doing voluntary work or setting up a hobby business. See our Transitions page.

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