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Brummies Networking’s Job Initiative

Brumpod Episode 32 graphic - Brummies Jobs Exchange

So many people we know through Brummies Networking find themselves looking for a job, particularly those in hospitality. But we also see companies advertising jobs on LinkedIn.

We came up with Brummies Jobs Exchange to give a platform to allow people to match up if appropriate. And if you see a candidate or job that might suit someone you know, pass it on.

For further details listen to Brumpod Episode 32 – on your favourite platform, or here  on Anchor

Stop Lying About the Role

Successful job seekers often find that the job description they have been given is misleading. This article in the Harvard Business Review makes the point that this is detrimental because a disgruntled employee is unlikely to perform well. Additionally, it quickly becomes known on social media that this is an employer to avoid.

I would also say that the converse is true. A candidate who lies on their CV will not thrive, and quickly gain a reputation as someone not to recruit.

The article is here

Advice for Older Job Seekers

I came across this recently, aimed at those over 50 who are looking for a job. Briefly the advice is – think strategically about your career, do your research, and hustle like a millennial. The article is US oriented, so  some of the websites may be of limited use (though still worth exploring).

Just don’t do a Yosser Hughes (from Boys from the Black Stuff) – it rarely works.