How We Coach

Career Coaching is exactly that – coaching. That means we help you to come to your own conclusions, rather than telling you what to do.

Clients have different needs. Some need a job immediately, some want a new post but in the same career, others have time to explore alternatives to their existing career.

We use a structured approach depending on need. For someone looking to change career, we might start with their values, then work towards skills and experience, then career choice. For others we might start from skills and experience. Mostly we include work on CV writing and interview preparation (including the different kinds of interview).

If the issue is your boss, we can explore whether a conversation with her, or some upward management, would be productive.

Occasionally we use psychometric tests (particularly Prevue) as a starting point. Mostly we ask questions, and ask clients to use a series of exercises designed to free up their thinking.

Most of our coaching is face to face, either at our offices in Birmingham City Centre or Harborne, or a suitable coffee shop. Many find meeting over a coffee is more informal, but we always offer the choice. Alternatively we can coach by telephone or online via Skype or Zoom.

We also offer a

Taster Session: a short 30 minute sample of career coaching (phone, Skype or equivalent)