Redundancy Coaching and Transitions

Redundancy Coaching

Business DiscussionBeing made redundant is a major event in anyone’s life. When it happens during an economic downturn (as naturally it often does) the effects can be stressful.

To address this, we offer a redundancy coaching package to those who have been made redundant. The basic package consists of 6 hours of coaching over 2 months, together with email support. Coaching can be face to face in Birmingham, or done by telephone or online to anywhere in the UK.

As with all coaching, the agenda is set by the client, and we do not assume all clients are the same. In particular, some may wish to consider working for themselves or retirement, rather than looking for new employment. However, a typical package will be:

  • Adjust to the situation, decide on future action
  • Find your purpose
  • Advice on CV
  • Interview practice
  • Support for action

We can access various personality tests as appropriate, but at an additional cost.

Additionally, we can provide bespoke packages, particularly for more senior individuals, or an enhanced general package. Please contact us to discuss.

Some clients may want to select only parts of the general package, or make use of our career coaching service, such as choosing a career review.

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Retirement Coaching

Many people do not plan ahead for a happy and fulfilling retirement. How do you want to spend your time?

As pensions shrink, more people need to keep working beyond their expected retirement date. Yet continuing in the same job on a full time basis is not always appropriate.

Others want to change to another career in retirement, perhaps that little business they always dreamed of. Alternatively, making a contribution to society may be attractive. Sitting on a beach or pursuing a hobby are always options.

Retirement coaching can help you to clarify your options, make the decisions you want, and put them into effect.

New Job Coaching

Starting a new job is only the start of your new career. It is not only in your interest, but also in the employer’s interest that you hit the ground running.

We can coach you through the first 90 days in your new job, using structured methods. (In some cases the employer will pay for the coaching).

Return to Work

Often mothers returning to work after a career break have to readjust to the working world. The same problems affect fathers, and arguably they have a tougher time. And of course there may be other reasons, such as study, illness or unemployment.

Whatever the reason, there is a need to re-establish work habits, build confidence and adjust to changes in the workplace. Let us help you.