Digital Education

An interesting survey emphasises the need, and indeed the demand, for digital education and training. Looking  ahead, current jobs types will disappear, and new ones will arise. One of the common factors, however, is that digital skills are likely to be necessary for all of them.

This is good news for the digitally native generations, but less so for everyone else. What is clear, however, is that digital education and training needs to reach all levels, not just graduates. Part of that responsibility lies with employers, and indeed with individuals as part of their self development.

Read the report here 

Forbes on Job Search Scams

There are people out there trying to scam job searchers – see this articles from Forbes Magazine…/the-job-search-scam-90-of-candid…/…

I see a number of posts on LinkedIn, for example, claiming to be recruiting for large US Companies via a recruitment agency. The agency is never one I’ve come across, the companies are often little known in the UK, and the groups in which they appear are usually the last place where a sensible company would look, due to their particular membership. What happens when you click their link, I do not know, but the whole thing screams “scam”.